felted pebble hometextiles

each stone is handmade and one-of-a-kind

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Feltstones with optical incentives as well as a feel good factor. The faithfully recreated felt stones look like a hard cold river stone. Optically and before entering the rug you would expect stones, which feels uncomfortable under the soles of the feet. But  these stones go through an artistic metamorphosis. On the basis of a super soft core covered with wool (foam rubber) every rock yield under pressure, feels cuddly warm and allows a hovering. Every rock squeezes under pressure and feels cuddly warm. The natural product offers absolute wellness feeling beside simulating the natural design of stones  and  the riverbed.



The handmade pebbles are really unique and modeled in the form of diversity and variation in nature. Each felted stone is different to the others. The stones/wool is felted by hand - a foam core is surrounded by 100 % wool. The elegant rug has an exciting relief effect. It looks good, and makes you feel like you are in the middle of nature, near a mountain river.

Technically the stones are fixed individual on a special non slipping mat. The stones and the rug are resistance and easy to clean - washable up to 30 degrees Celsius (woolprogram) in a standard washing machine (depending on the size of the rug).


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